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 Large Blast Booth

Blasting of large Items

27' Long 15' Wide 9' Tall

Tall  Non-abrasive walnut & plastic media blasting

  Abrasive blasting aluminum oxide, steel grit, or crushed glass blasting

tumble & basket BLASTERS FOR BATCH Processing

Finishing & deburring of small to mid sized parts

Glass bead blasting, steel grit or shot blasting

Preparation prior to coating or plating application

 non - Abrasive  BlastinG

 An effective way to clean delicate molds & tooling

By using one of our non-abrasive blasting processes like plastic media or walnut shell blasting, BCM can clean most coatings & contaminants from SMC process compression molds, precision gears, stampings & castings. This can be done with no distortion base metal removal or damage to the surface sub straight. By using a light abrasive media we can remove burrs, casting flash, discoloring or scale from heat treating along with laser edge removal. As an added value, cracks in welds & soldered joints can be detected and seen easier after this processing step.

Surface preparation

Helps promote coating adhesion

Surface preparation & pretreatment prior to powder coating, painting, anodizing or other plating processes. By abrasive blasting, we produce an anchor effect to the surface depending on the specification given or the coating to be applied. Using this important preparation step you promote excellent adhesion of the coating to the sub straight. Another area we are continuously helping our customers is glass bead blasting and aluminum oxide blasting of aluminum & zinc made products.  Prior to anodizing or plating operations results in producing a clean uniform textured satin finish. This step enables the blending or removal of machining marks for a uniform cosmetic finish.

Product Finishing

An effective way to remove tool marks & imperfections

By using our various media types we can produce decorative finishes, functional finishes and textures. An example of a functional finish is for the medical instrument industry, we offer glass bead blasting to provide a satin finish for glare removal.

     Blasting capabilities

Want to set up a test blast or part evaluation

Various Hand cabinets

Blasting small to mid sized items

7' Long 3' Wide 3' Tall parts capability

Hands on approach for more detailed finishing

Short runs or light production

Many different finishes can be produced

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We are continuously adding new equipment, processes and ideas providing better service & quality adding value for our customers along with allowing the expansion in our companies capabilities for the future.